ThermoPro TP280: Weatherstation – Outdoor & Indoor Thermometer & Humidity Gauge

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ThermoPro TP280: Weatherstation – Outdoor & Indoor Thermometer & Humidity Gauge

  • Unbeatable Range: Monitor your home’s climate from anywhere with the market-leading 1,000ft wireless range. Never miss a temperature or humidity change, even in remote areas of your property.
  • Swiss Precision: Get reliable readings with the built-in, world-renowned Swiss sensor, accurate to ±0.5°F. The weatherproof and rechargeable transmitter works flawlessly in any weather, even down to -4°F (-20℃).
  • Plan with Confidence: Accurately predict 24-hour weather forecasts with the multi-format barometer. Choose between absolute and relative air pressure modes, analyze the 12-hour history, and make informed decisions about your outdoor activities.
  • Crystal Clear Display: Easily view all readings at any angle or light condition thanks to the adjustable brightness display with 4 levels. High/low indicators, trend arrows, and comfort levels are clearly presented for quick interpretation.
  • Flexible Power Options: Enjoy portability and peace of mind with dual power options. Use the included 3 AAA batteries for flexibility or the Type-C charger for continuous operation, even during power outages.


TP280 Color Weather Station

Hyperlocal Forecast: Know exactly what’s coming with 12-24 hour forecasts for your exact location. Get predictions for sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, thunderstorms, or snow—no more relying on generic forecasts!

Ultra-Long Range & Precision: Monitor your entire property with a 1,000ft wireless range. Track indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity with ±0.5˚F and ±2% RH accuracy.

Customize for Accuracy: Adjust barometric readings for your specific location. Choose absolute mode for standard pressure or relative mode for higher precision based on your local elevation. View past pressure trends with the handy history graph.