ThermoPro TP357: Smart WiFi Thermohygrometer with Historical Data

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ThermoPro TP357: Smart WiFi Thermohygrometer with Historical Data

  • Comfort Indicators: Know your air quality at a glance with easy-to-understand DRY/COMFORT/WET icons. Adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier for optimal comfort.
  • Ultra-Wide 260ft Range: Enjoy reliable coverage throughout your home, thanks to enhanced Bluetooth technology (no obstructions).
  • High Accuracy: Get precise readings for both temperature (±1°F/°C) and humidity (±2%RH).
  • Smart Alerts: Never miss a change! Set your desired temperature and humidity range and receive instant phone notifications if levels fall outside, allowing you to quickly adjust.
  • Track & analyze: View easy-to-read temperature and humidity graphs for up to 2 years and export data for further analysis, all without registration.







Always in Control: Your Home’s Comfort at Your Fingertips!

Never worry about temperature and humidity fluctuations again! This ThermoPro monitor keeps you informed and in control with:

  • Smart Alerts: Set your desired ranges and receive instant phone notifications if levels stray, allowing you to quickly adjust your humidifier, dehumidifier, or other appliances.
  • Data Detective: Uncover trends and patterns with easy-to-read historical graphs for temperature and humidity. Analyze data for periods ranging from 24 hours to a full year.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Get highly precise readings with ±1°F for temperature and ±2% for humidity, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth sensor. The monitor refreshes every 10 seconds for real-time updates.
  • Versatility Beyond Homes: Perfect for ensuring ideal conditions in humidors, greenhouses, terrariums, garages, wine cellars, and more!