ThermoPro TP358: Smart WiFi Thermohygrometer with 2-Year Historical Data

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ThermoPro TP358: Smart WiFi Thermohygrometer with 2-Year Historical Data

  • Accuracy: ±0.9°F temp, ±2% RH humidity, 10-sec refresh, 5.0 SIG certified.
  • Range: 260ft coverage, check multiple rooms with your phone.
  • Smart Alerts: App notifications when conditions exceed set levels.
  • Data & Trends: 2-year graphs, analyze hourly/daily/etc. trends, 20-day data storage, 2-year data export.
  • Comfort & Info: Clock, air comfort levels, trends on 3″ backlit LCD screen.


Gain Deep Insights with Powerful Data Tools:

  • 2-Year Data Storage: Store temperature and humidity data for a full two years, providing a comprehensive history of your home’s climate.
  • Detailed Trend Analysis: Analyze trends by hour, day, week, month, and year, helping you identify patterns and understand how your environment changes over time.
  • Powerful Data Export: Easily export data as CSV files for further analysis in spreadsheets or other tools.


  • Identify potential issues: Spot fluctuations or abnormalities in temperature and humidity that might affect your comfort or belongings.
  • Optimize comfort: Use trend data to adjust thermostat settings, humidifier usage, or other factors for optimal comfort.
  • Make informed decisions: Gain valuable insights to inform decisions about home improvements, appliance purchases, or plant care.